Moca emerges from the need to combine functionality with minimalist aesthetics.
The idea of a new, modular bag was conceived by Emanuele Elisei and Paola Santilli – two Italian designers with long experience in the fields of communication and fashion.
In 2015, Emanuele and Paola combined their professional expertise and began working on the design of an essential product, one that could vary in size and colour: not a bag with compartments, but a modular one that can be mixed and matched according to the user’s requirements.


After producing dozens of highly technical prototypes, a subsequent phase explored the aesthetic aspect, resulting in the combination of a minimalist style with pastel colours and stronger tones.
A long process of research and testing has led to the creation of a product that can be customised and where design is key: a versatile item that, depending on one’s needs, can become a rucksack, a messenger bag or a weekender bag.
The idea of a modular bag is just the beginning of a new approach, aimed at highlighting a product’s contemporary vibe, with a focus on practicality, but also on style.


All products are manufactured entirely in Italy, with top quality finishing